Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank you for the award, Enzie

I was given this lovely award by Enzie at World Market Portraits
who asked to nominate seven blogs. This is difficult for me because each blog is so unique. Without intentionally offending
those I haven't nominated, seven follow:
1. Just Because Not only is Jules a humorous treasure, she was the first to help at my attempt in blogging. Thank you, Jules.
2. I Beati - A meeting place to share our blessings & laugh a little Sandy carries a heart of gold towards her fellow man and creatures. Her blog is eclectic and a chock full of surprises at every juncture.
3. Blind Pig and the Acorn Tipper welcomes all to set a spell and share customs, traditions, family music and events, Appalachian style. Great fun!
4. Rubber Slippers in Italy Rowena takes lush and delicious tours to local and distant festivities in and around Italy. Don't go hungry!
5. The Zen of Motherhood A hilarious day-to-day peek at how a mother sees life with the spirit of Zen.
6. Three Beautiful Things A beautiful way to remember the little things in life which bring joy and pleasure.
7. Pixlhead Kevin's photography captures the heart of Manhattan, my home away from home, with a whimsical, discerning eye.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Detectives Beyond Borders:
A Forum for International Crime Fiction Peter is master of titillating readers and writers from around the globe to discuss their favorite genre.
BlogStalker For his sweet irreverence. He gave me the same award. Right back at you, Blogstalker!
Following the little god... In awe of Joyce's writing (published author) and her perspective on life.
When It Rains Another poet for having been a supporter from the beginning.

Thanks to all for making life and blogging that much more enjoyable!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last night I saw a shooting star.

She was the rolling stone wearing a
leopard-skin pill box hat;
Warhol's prop,
Dylan's teardrop.

Her fate sealed in her broken
She lived twenty eight years
in one and a half.

**written by petra michelle**

Sunday, August 17, 2008


A crystal ball,
Not at all.

There is no future.
Only plans made.
All an illusion.
All dreams.

Now, just be.
Now, just breathe.
Now, flow with each moment
Which promises all that will be.

**written by petra michelle**

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My Spirit,

Elmshorn, reborn...
Jersey City, watered...
Astoria, mated...
Roxbury, escaped...
Edinburgh, lived...
Woodstock, struggled...
Bayonne, settled...
Patmos, anticipant...
?, reborn.

**written by petra michelle**