Sunday, November 29, 2009

Curious about the voice behind the name?

Am sure that all of us have wondered what the person behind the blog sounds like.
I've had the fun and honor of hearing four of my blog friends' voices. I've been asked to be interviewed on the site which I've entered my short story contest. I am forever indebted to you for reading and voting for "Rollerblading on the Rings of Saturn."

Now, for your entertainment, the voice behind the name of petra michelle.

Please pause playlist at bottom of page to hear interview.

Petra Michelle_Nov 23 2009.mp3

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Thank you, Mama Zen, who I affectionately call MZ, of The Zen of Motherhood for The Honest Scrap Award! Now, garsh darn it, I have to be honest for a change! But I'll try! ;)

In acceptance and before passing this award along, I'm to reveal ten honest things about me.

So, deep breath, here goes:

1. I adore cowboy boots! On most days you'd find me wearing jeans, a simple blouse or sweater, and cowboy boots. Now, for those special occasions, I do wear stilettos but walk out barefoot. Can only take stilts for so long!

2. There isn't a food I don't like (from sushi to Mexican, and ladies and gentlemen, I can eat!). Yet, while immersed in writing, I can go without food for hours and not miss it!

3. Have to admit it! I'm both an anarchist and a marshmallow! Yep! One has a choice, by golly. Either digest my opinion or burn it! Attica! Attica!

4. I'm a full-time caregiver to my two elderly parents. Without Caregivers' Connections, I'd probably not have a hair left on my head!

5. My deepest wish is to meet Steven Spielberg and convince him to produce one of my screenplays. Maybe if you talk to my agent!

6. I can't drive due to an automobile accident I had some years ago. As a result, the experience is Driving Miss Petra! What I miss the most is getting lost and getting back on track. Have seen some of the most beautiful country that way!

7. Love reading anything spiritual, and meditating. Helps cleanse myself of all the brain junk food!

8. Enjoy smiling at strangers. Not to see if they'll smile back, but telepathically letting them know we share the same daily existence. :))

9. I can watch a favorite film hundreds of times and never tire of it.

10. Hugging and loving my dear friends. Without you, I'd be an empty shell!

There are a few more, but I'll stop while I'm ahead. ;)

I am passing this award to I Beati who, already, is an open book!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

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