Thursday, October 28, 2010

In its entirety, "House on Haunted Hill" starring Vincent Price. Happy Halloween!

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My all-time favorite Halloween film is the B-classic House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price. Its 1950's black and white setting and sinister plot amply provides for that yearly spook! Enjoy! And...

Happy Halloween! :))

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Comes tears.
Ameliorate earth's ills,

Cleanse oil spills,

Release cholera's grip,

Veil fallen soldiers;

Heal the homeless' blisters,

With the sick, cry,

Accept a lover's good-bye.

Hemorrhages heal,

Through the pain of true love.

**written by petra michelle**

Sunday, October 17, 2010

100 Years Ago in Baseball--The End of the First Decade

For everyone out there who knows me, you know my love of sports, esp. baseball. The World Series is nearing. Feeling nostalgic, I wondered what happened in baseball 100 years ago. This is what I found on

THE WORLD SERIES 100 years ago
October 17 1910 to October 23 1910

The first decade of World Series baseball came to a close as two regulars, the Chicago Cubs (making their fourth appearance) and Philadelphia Athletics (making their second) went head-to-head for the championship title. Both teams were powerhouses with the A's chalking one-hundred two victories and winning their pennant by fourteen games. The A's boasted three .300 hitters with Eddie Collins, Rube Oldring and Danny Murphy and a thirty-one game winner in Jack Coombs, a twenty-seven year-old righthander who was 12-12 the previous season. Both teams suffered devastating injuries and would not be at full strength for the Series. The Cubs had lost second baseman Johnny Evers to a broken ankle and Philadelphia was missing Oldring with a broken leg and pitcher Eddie Plank who was suffering from an arm ailment.

Although A's manager Connie Mack was handicapped with the loss of one of his starting pitchers, he remained confident in his other aces Jack Coombs and Chief Bender. Bender, coming off his first twenty victory season in the Major Leagues (he was 23-5), opposed the Cubs' Orval Overall in Game 1 of the Series. The matchup proved a mismatch, with Bender pitching a one-hitter into the ninth inning and Overall departing after allowing three runs and six hits in the first three innings. The A's, getting three hits and two RBIs from Frank Baker, scored a 4-1 victory as Bender completed a three-hitter with eight strikeouts.

In Game 2, Coombs maintained his team's momentum with a solid, but unspectacular Series leading performance. Although he lasted a complete game, he surrendered eight hits and nine walks while managing a 9-3 victory. Philadelphia had consecutively beaten two of Chicago's top aces and prepared to tee off on a third against Series veteran, Ed Reulbach. The A's came out swinging in Game 3 and drove Reulbach off of the mound in the second inning after tallying three runs. Harry McIntire took over in the third with a 3-3 tie, but was shelled for four runs in the 1/3 inning. The Cubs continued to collapse and before the inning was over, the A's had tacked or a fifth run en route to a 12-5 romp. Coombs remained unbeatable while pitching with only one day of rest. Playing well on both sides of the plate, he only gave up six hits and had three hits and three runs batted in.

Suddenly, the mighty Chicago Cubs, considered sports first official dynasty, found themselves on the brink of elimination. Realizing that Philadelphia's advantage was the direct result of poor pitching, the Cubs put their faith into the right arm of rookie Leonard (King) Cole, who had just completed a 20-4 season. The twenty-four year-old newcomer handled the pressure well, but was pulled in the eighth inning, while trailing 3-2. Hanging on by a thread, Chicago managed to get something started in the ninth when playing Manager Frank Chance tripled home Frank Schulte. Then, in the tenth, Chicago's Jimmy Sheckard came through with a two-out, game-winning single against Bender, who had gone the distance, but paid for it with a 4-3 loss.

I haven't had time to watch the season, but definitely will be peeking at the World Series. Perhaps it's the time of year which makes it that much more exciting! :))

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

During the celebration, explore the Kevin Bacon Game, aka, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, by clicking on the link below. I have yet to find an actor or actress who doesn't fall into the six degrees of separation. Fascinating and fun!

p.s. Kevin Bacon once claimed that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood. Now you can test his claim. Sometimes it's called the Kevin Bacon Game, others call it Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon after the phrase: six degrees of separation. Use this application to determine the degree of separation between any two actors alive or deceased. The higher the score the better. It's very hard to obtain a score higher than 6 and it's very rare to find actors that aren't connected at all (have an undefined score). See if you can find a pair of actors with a score of greater than 6 or above!