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Roger Ebert's "At The Movies" Cancelled

After more than 20 years on the air, the movie review TV show "At the Movies" has been cancelled. The weekly, half-hour series made popular by critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel will air its last show on August 14.

Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic TV said in a statement: "This was a very difficult decision, especially considering the program's rich history and iconic status within the entertainment industry, but from a business perspective it became clear this weekly, half-hour, broadcast syndication series was no longer sustainable. We extend very special thanks to the two brilliant, visionary and incomparable critics that started it all, Roger Ebert and the late Gene Siskel."

Siskel passed away in February 1999. Ebert has cancer - it's been almost four years since he lost his lower jaw and, with it, his ability to speak. And "At the Movies" never seemed able to replicate the pair's chemistry on set, despite the talent of current hosts Michael Phillips and A. O. Scott. Posted by: CNN.com associate producer Jacquie Wilson.

Of the 235 or so comments, I couldn't believe most were like the first three!

Bob March 25th, 2010 12:04 pm ET

Yawn...Good grief look at the dude!
Me: What would Bob look like if he had a jaw removed?!

chris March 25th, 2010 12:34 pm ET

This show should have been cancelled 20 years ago. Ebert should have backed away from the dinner table years ago, and Skilless need to bulk up a bit. Either way 2 thumbs down.
Me: Cancelled 20 years ago? Here's a fellow who really knows what he's talking about!

thomas March 25th, 2010 12:36 pm ET

This show should have been canceled. Siskel's Dead and Ebert's not far behind him!!!!!!
Me: I just cannot believe that people can be discarded like garbage!

Jeanne March 25th, 2010 12:46 pm ET

Well, the first two response are certainly compassionate.

Siskel and Ebert are icons and in order to preserve the original intent of the show, I agree that it should be canceled.

Me: Kudos to Jeanne for having respect and compassion.

Hers was the minority of such scathing responses! I don't want to lose faith in the human race, but these comments are enough to!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 27th

This lantern is a symbol of hope and represents my support for a sustainable future. Remember to turn off your lights at 8:30 PM wherever you live on the planet.

To make your own lantern, please visit http://www.earthhour.org/kids/MakeALantern.aspx.

Earth Hour is this Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 pm.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few film suggestions for St. Patrick's Day!

Here are 5 great movies to enjoy on Saint Patrick's Day:

5. The Secret of Roan Inish is an independent film based on the Irish legend of the selkie (a mythical creature that can take both the form of a seal and of a human being). The movie tells the story of a young girl who discovers the role selkies have played in her family for generations. The movie was filmed in Ireland and is most noted for its breathtaking cinematography.

4. The Seventh Stream is a 2001 Hallmark Hall of Fame production starring Scott Glenn and Saffron Burrows. Filmed on location in Ireland, the movie tells a highly romantic story about an Irishman who rescues and, later, falls in love with a selkie (no kidding; this one really is romantic. It's not just sappy like a lot of other Hallmark movies!).

3. St. Patrick: The Irish Legend was, once again, filmed in Ireland. It tells the true story about how, after escaping from the man who held him as a slave, St. Patrick returned to convert the heathens of Ireland. Starring Patrick Bergin, Susannah York, Malcolm McDowell, and Alan Bates.

2. Waking Ned Devine is a side-splitting comedy about the people of an Irish village who decide to claim the lottery winnings of an old man who dropped dead from the shock of winning. Filmed on location in Ireland, this movie has beautiful cinematography and an absolutely fantastic soundtrack. (Interesting note: This movie also stars the beautiful Susan Lynch who had earlier played the extremely small role of the Selkie in The Secret of Roan Inish.)

1. The Quiet Man is a lavish John Ford production starring the immortal team of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara (this was a rather strange character change for Wayne who was starring mostly in Westerns at the time). The movie tells the touching story of an American boxer who, after accidently killing his opponent, retreats to Ireland and struggles to understand the ancient culture. Victor McLaglen and the adorable Barry Fitzgerald co-star. Not surprisingly, the production won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography and John Ford won Best Director

Friday, March 12, 2010

Where are our priorities?

(CNN) -- The superintendent calls it the "Right-Size" plan," but many Kansas City, Missouri, residents say it's plain wrong.

Superintendent John Covington called for the closing or consolidation of almost half of the city's public schools. A divided Kansas City school board voted Wednesday to approve the downsizing.

A packed room of people watched the board make its historic move after weeks of debate and years of declining enrollment. Some parents voiced their anger, while some students cried.

"I have an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old that will be going to school with 12th graders. I find that very inappropriate. I don't feel my children will be safe," Deneicia Williams told CNN affiliate KSHB-TV.

"I feel like I have nothing, I have no high school legacy. I feel like I have nothing, nothing to go back to," said Prince Jones, a senior, who will be part of the final graduating class at Westport High School.

Covington proposed the "Right-Size" plan arguing that the financial future of the entire school district was at stake. The plan shutters 28 of Kansas City's 61 public schools, cuts 700 jobs and saves $50 million to help reduce a burgeoning deficit.

Some called Kansas City's measures draconian but school districts across America, hit hard by budget cuts, have been struggling to make ends meet.

They have had to make tough choices between closures, program cuts, bus route cancellations and layoffs of teachers and staff. Schools in at least 17 states have opted for four-day weeks.

Covington said the closures were the first phase of "right-sizing" a district where enrollments have plummeted from over 35,000 in the 1999-2000 school year to about 17,000 in 2009-10.

"Closing schools is hard - and it is tough on the community," Covington said recently in remarks posted on the superintendent's Web site.

"Closing schools and making the remaining schools much stronger academically is unquestionably the right thing to do for kids," he said. "Keeping all of the schools open with too few children in them is draining the resources we need to improve the education of all students."

But four of the nine board members disagreed with Covington.

"I deserve the right to make a rational decision based on facts, and we were never given facts about student achievement," Cokethea Hill, who voted against the closings, told KHSB.

Some members of the public showed up Wednesday to air their last-minute appeals.

"What I'm asking you today to do is to give our children justice," said Ron Hunt, a community activist.

Others worried that school closures would lead to deterioration of communities and drive residents out of the district.

"The blighting of the urban core is scandalous and shameful," said Sharon Sanders Brooks.

Covington is slated to discuss the school closings at a news conference Thursday morning.

This worries and angers me! When is the deprivation of education to our children going to end?!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vancouver Paralympic Games

The Paralympic winter games begin Friday, March 12th in Vancouver, Canada.

A Quick Vote--Do the Oscars influence which movies you see?

Do the Oscars influence which movies you choose to see?

A lot

A little

Not at all

Not at all for me. There are many which received nominations I have yet to see. Don't listen to critics either. Usually follow my gut appeal! ;)



Friday, March 5, 2010

What do you think of The Hunchback of Hollywood?

Does it sound familiar? A twist on my mini-script, The Hunchback of Hollywood!

I hope you enjoy it!

Love, Petra xo


Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's celebrate my birthday, everyone!

Let's celebrate with a toast and a huge slice of delicious birthday cake! :))

Thought you'd enjoy some March 1st tidbits of information!

Some Famous People born on March 1st:

1445 Sandro Botticelli (painter)

1904 Glenn Miller (musician)

1910 David Niven (actor)

1927 Harry Belafonte (singer)

1944 Roger Daltrey (singer, actor)

On This Day In History:

1803 Ohio admitted as 17th US state (retroactively declared on August 7th, 1953)

1867 Nebraska admitted as 37th US state.

1872 Yellowstone National Park established as the world's first National Park.

1912 Albert Berry makes the first ever parachute jump from an aeroplane in St. Louis, in Missouri

1936 The Hoover Dam is completed.

March 1st is also:

Roman New Year

Saint David's Day - Saint David is the patron Saint of Wales.

Feast of Saint Monan (Catholicism)

World Civil Defense Day

Independence Movement Day (Korea)

Martisor (Romania)

Baba Marta (Bulgaria)