Friday, May 23, 2008


This blog is dedicated to...of course, bloggers! Yesterday was my first official day of blogging. While I sashayed through your awesome world of sharing personal stories and ventures, there was one heartfelt word which jumped off each blog. Passion!

I am in awe of the dedication and devotion to one's family, friends, job, hobby, craft, cause, journey (politically, spiritually, aesthetically); the list goes on and on. And I now know that to tell a blogger's story takes such commitment, drive, and tenacity; in addition to seriously savvy computer skills.

So to all of you, I am in blog awe and possess the deepest respect for your love and passion. What big hearts you have! Petra


storyteller said...

Thanks for your lovely comment at Small Reflections about my blog. I've been 'at this now' for 7 months ... started late last October after attending a Writer's Retreat. The learning curve is exponential if you have the time to experiment ... and from the stories & poetry encountered on my way to this, your 2nd post, I suspect you'll find yourself making progress quickly. Best wishes in this 'virtual' world ... and feel free to visit either of my blogs whenever. I am a wee bit curious about the 'serendipty' that led you to find me if you care to share. Inquiring minds wonder about such things ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. V said...

I have gone from one end of your blog to the beginning and am in awe of how the use of just a few simple words, arranged just so can tell volumes of a story, unspoken. I listen to your well chosen music and this helps with the feeling coming from your blog. I loved one poem better than the previous one. In awe describes it well, how you can write such beautiful, well placed thoughts, and how others sing great songs to carry us away from our lives. And as I reflect on how I have not gone anywhere with my creativity, feeling regret...then there is your reflection one your second post on how you are in awe at other bloggers. So there you go. We each have something to give and it takes a few moments to appreciate each other.
I loved your cat story, how precious. He saw how bad this man was for you until finally he was gone. wow.