Sunday, July 27, 2008



is dying.
It's weak, frail, and sighing,
For your love sweet people to give.
Maybe, just maybe,
My collage of life will live.

Will you splash it with your kindness?
Caress it with your tenderness.
If your dreams remain true, alive,
Maybe, just maybe,
Your collage of life will survive.

Can we find peace and harmony?
Is there hope?
Is there compassion?
Do we search aimlessly?
The collage of life will see.

You may say I'm a beggar,
But it really doesn't matter.
Extend your hand and
You will have expanded,
Our collage of life together.

**written by petra michelle**


Sandy Kessler said...

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Anonymous said...

I really like the beggar line.

pixlhead said...

hey petra
i want to thank you for always looking my photos

i am a big (old)movie buff
but im afraid im not too good at figuring out roles

i am much more comfy in your poetry blog -
i love 'faith'
what an awesome piece

i beati said...

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i beati said...

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My LunArte said...

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Sorry for my english, is very poor.

You write very beautiful things.

My Lunarte.

A.Bananna said...

beautiful! I think you should enter it also! Thank you for your comment on my blog! have a great week!

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