Sunday, November 2, 2008


External implosion.
Internal explosion.

Dancing in a ballet of ionic mime!
Feeling with infinite intensity!
Running in cosmic direction!
Moving in colors uncharted!
Magnetic pulls play between cerebral spheres!

Looking out at the eclipse of myself.
Looking in at the freedom of me.

**written by petra michelle**


Chandini Santosh said...

Do tell where fredom can be bought, I would like some for myself.

Chandini Santosh said...

When does eclipse begin, and does it ever end?

Borut said...

Grand in its own way!:) Very much the way I feel!:)

Sandy Kessler said...

going to the scenario now ciao

Mama Zen said...

I particularly like "eclipse of myself."

PV said...

I have to admit I had to look up the meaning of the word penumbra, but after I did, I can say two things:

1. oh yeah, I did know that

2. Brilliant poem!

Tipper said...

Neat! Makes me think of who big the world is and how small I am.

Anonymous said...

Great poem!

bulletholes said...

I really do love this...and what a great picture!
Tell me did the pic inspire the writing or did you go a-hunting for something to suit your poem?
Here...heres something for you...its a Tutulemma

And you can follow the links to its sister, the Analemma.

Then proceed over to my friend Kissyface and note the last picture, a Sculpture of Cupid and Psyche, andf see the resemblance to these celestial events.

Yes, babe, you pulled my string with this one!

bulletholes said...

Heres the link to the whole post.

Poetikat said...

This is a lovely poem and I envy your self-expression. I wish I could say I feel the same way, but right now, I feel nothing but confusion and frustration with myself. Oh well. I'm sure it will pass.