Friday, June 5, 2009

Tagged for the "8" Meme

Tammy at Mom Knows Everything tagged me with the "8" Meme. Here goes, Tammy! :))

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

A massage. Ahhhhh.

A haircut. It grew so long, so fast!

A foot facial. For you guys, it's TLC for the feet at the salon. ;)

An oh-so needed vacation. Anywhere!

My nephew's wedding on June 26th. Sarah is a teacher and gorgeous!

The Moody Blues concert at Radio City Music Hall on August 20th. My all-time favorite band.

Any of my screenplays produced. Would be incredible!

My agent finding a home for my proposed reality show for screenwriters. A dream of a lifetime!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

Had my last antibiotic with chicken soup for breakfast. Hallelujah!

On the phone with my mother's doctor for needed tests.

A rushed hour answering e-mails and posting on petra michelle. Who?

Ordered a few summer tops online. They look comfy!

Went grocery shopping. Let's see how long the strawberries and cherries last?

My niece and boyfriend came for dinner. Stuffed myself!

Made brownies with Nikki for her friend's birthday. We bickered over who would lick the bowl and spoon! :))

Watched the film "Australia" and played Scrabble with boyfriend. Over wine of course!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

Play classical guitar. Tired of strumming Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Be a stand-up comedian. Admire those who make us laugh!

Sing. Other than in the shower!

Get over my fear of heights. Is there hope?

Be a doctor. Tried, but the sciences and I didn't get along.

Work with the homeless. Need more time.

Give away jobs. I truly wish!

Participate in hands-on environmental projects. Recycling isn't enough!

8 Shows I Watch:

Turner Classic Movies

Inside the Actors Studio

PBS Specials

Larry King Live

Project Runway

The Housewives of New Joisey

The Ellen DeGeneres Show with my niece and her friend(s) after school

The Tyra Banks Show with my niece and her friend(s) after school

8 Favorite Foods:

ALL cheeses





Anything chocolate!



8 Places I'd Like To Travel:

All over the United States





South America

The Caribbean

The world!

8 People I've Tagged:

Looking forward to your figure "8"'s! :))


i beati said...

doing it this week. ok kid v words??I liked all the Carradines and grandkids. a different drummer autoerotic whew??

Anonymous said...

Most of your list sounds yummy!

Poetikat said...

I'm working on it right now. Thanks! I didn't feel like doing the usual stuff today.


LarryG said...

are you winking at me!? :)
peaches are much more tasty than apples you know...

Mama Zen said...

You got it!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi all! And thank you! :))

Tammy said...

I watched the movie Australia the other night. I loved it! Hey if you come to Canada you can visit me!

jay said...

Oh - this is quite an interesting one, Petra! I'm not sure I can muster 8 shows that I watch, or 8 places I'd like to travel (I'm anti-travel, me! :P) but I'll see what I can do!

A foot-facial! LOL! I love a good pedicure. Soooooo nice!

Janeen said...

Hi Gorgeous! That was fun to read! You are just a well of information barely tapped into yet, look at all that coooool stuff, I lurve it!

I did do the 8 Things last month but the version I did was more condensed. Yours is more fun. Hope your having a great weekend.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

hahaha, Tammy! I'll help with the kids! ;)

LOL Jay: I didn't know how tricky 8 of anything could be until I did this. Learned a lot about myself in the process! :))

I'll cha cha the archives, gorgeous, in search of the figure 8! ;)

Can't wait to see everyone's figure 8's! :))

Lavinia said...

Verrrrry interesting. I love all those foods too.