Saturday, November 14, 2009

What do your toes tell you?

Please pause playlist on bottom of page to watch video.


ChaChaneen said...

Hi PM! I am pooped out tired! Just finished cleaning the house and it's nearly 7pm. Was sitting here cheching my blog and saw your comment I had a wonderful birthday tea party with a few ladies and it they spoiled me with gifts. They said I spoiled them with my menu. We watched Persausion, the 1995 version with Cirian Hinds and Ananda Root. I lurve that movie adaption of the book. Tomorrow afternoon I will post all the birthday fun.. you might even see yourself there. (hint).

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Jay said...

I can't see the video!! What was the story about? Maybe I can look it up on the internet?

I'm just getting a black square. :(

i beati said...

I just lost a toenail 2 weeks ago . My toes say run run fast !!

i beati said...

had trouble registering for book review kept getting thrown out- you should be quite proud of such a story . My boy Lanyer would love this book !!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Am so happy you had a wonderful time, Janeen! You can never be spoiled, girl, you're worth it! :))

Jay, sometimes it's the amount of time it takes to load. I noticed coming on her myself, it's just a black square until it fully loads!

hahaha, Sandy! I know your pace, but darn, that must have hurt! :((

Am so glad you enjoyed it, Sandy!
Thank you! Hmmmm. You're the first who told me that! I'll have to look into it!