Friday, May 14, 2010

Agreement that since Exxon Valdez, everyone involved was not proactive to take on Gulf spill

It's obvious that nothing has been done to stop the gushing of oil because they have no solutions. Since the Exxon Valdez?

When I called the Administrator who wasn't in today, I was transferred to at least a dozen numbers; all in administration and who merely referred me to the hotline number. I decided to go to the laboratories listed at the EPA and talked to a scientist in the Ecological Exposure Research Division. He listened with compassion and asked ME questions. We had a long discussion about the role of scientists in this situation. He agreed that since the Exxon Valdez, scientists have not been proactive, esp. in coming up with the solution which contains microbes which are harmless to the environment but do eat oil and toxins. Why, after 15 years, have they not come up with this solution on a mass level? "Lack of coordination." I suggested that everything be dropped and scientists should be working together, 24/7, to come up with this ultimate solution. He AGREED! However, it seems most have and will say that it isn't in their capacity. I asked him to do whatever he could do to exert pressure on his colleagues and asked him to take ten minutes to do whatever he could to focus only on the oil spill. He promised he would.

Obviously, he saw the whole picture and promised to do his part in assisting in this crisis. Kudos, Mr. B!


Anonymous said...

Where are all the celebrities? I haven't heard one talking about the spill. David

Anonymous said...

Everyone should concentrate on nothing else! Esp. at the EPA!

Have to give so much credit for making an effort Petra! K.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

That's so true, David! They're usually involved in some way or another. I'm wondering if it's the feeling of helplessness?

Hi K.! Mr. B said that it's difficult to coordinate everyone on one idea. But making this solution with microbes which eat oil and toxins would be ideal. They had 15 years since the Exxon Valdez to perfect it. But even Mr. B agrees there wasn't enough proaction taken all these years.

Dianne said...

I went back to read your other posts
thank you for being so informative

this is breaking my heart
and is also making me furious

and of course Haliburton is involved, there is no end to the harm these people do!!

David Letterman has been talking about this every night - of course making jokes about BP but also discussing how it needs to be cared for. He has also had on a few decent guests to talk about the situation.