Friday, June 4, 2010

Trying to Live Life without Plastics

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Anonymous said...

I give her so much credit. I wonder how many are willing to take those kinds of measures? I admit, although I'm ready, I'm not sure if I can work that hard at it. But it's pretty evident our codependence runs deep. K.

Jay said...

I applaud her efforts, but she is still dependent on plastics. Her fridge is made of plastic. I don't know what else, but it's a fair bet that a number of other essentials in her home are plastic too - like the water pipes, electric insulation, television and computer (if she has them) and unless she wears totally leather shoes (VERY expensive) or those made from recycled tyres (yes they do make them) she'll be walking on plastics too. Does she use a camera? Wear glasses or contact lenses? How about carpets and wallcoverings and paint?

And if the day ever comes when she needs medical care ,, oh boy. My pills come in plastic strips, my inhalers are plastic and pretty much all disposables in the hospital incorporate plastic, or are wrapped in plastic for sterilisation.

My own personal view is that if we want to effect a change, we need to start unwrapping things in the store and leaving behind all the superfluous wrappings. Things would change soon enough. ;)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi K.! I took an inventory of the amount of plastics in my home, and it's half! Our codependence definitely runs deep; that's why BP is still making a fortune! :((

I know, Jay! Refrigerator, air conditioner, television, computer, not to mention all of the containers for toiletries and food.

Although it's not going to happen overnight, for the sake of life as we know it, it's got to change!