Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earl Eugene Scruggs (January 6, 1924-March 28, 2012)

Earl Eugene Scruggs was an American musician noted for perfecting and popularizing a three-finger banjo-picking style (now called Scruggs style) that is a defining characteristic of bluegrass music. Although other musicians had played in three-finger style before him, Scruggs shot to prominence when he was hired by Bill Monroe to fill the banjo slot in his group, the Blue Grass Boys.

He died of natural causes at a Nashville hospital at the age of 88. 


Earl Scruggs was iconic.  His music will live on...esp. when my musical soul needs lifting!  I'm sure there'll be quite a tribute at the Country Music Awards on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

You're right Petra. His music will live on. K.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Just love bluegrass, K.! Fordham University, on its college radio station, dedicates hours to the genre! :))