Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looming Health Crisis in the Rockaways, New York after Hurricane Sandy

CNN PRODUCER NOTE   DougKuntz, a freelance photojournalist in New York, read about humanitarian volunteer Alison Thompson in a story about Hurricane Sandy, and learned about her past with other disasters around the world. 'I came to Rockaway and followed her around while she worked. She is a modern-day hero in my eyes.' Kuntz wanted to share her story with CNN 'because the problems in Rockaway are growing, and are not being reported as they should be.'

Third Wave Volunteer and Medic, Alison Thompson, who has jumped head first into some of the world's worst scenes of death including 9-11, the earthquake in Haiti, and the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, gives her take on the looming health crisis in the Rockaways where there is not enough help at this time to avoid serious health issues for thousands of residents.

Thompson is a full time humanitarian volunteer, who in 2010, was awarded the Order of Australia, the highest civilian medal awarded by Queen Elizabeth II of England for her volunteer work and contribution to humankind.

Alison Thompson's voice should be heard now while there is still time.

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Anonymous said...

If I lived in the vicinity, I'd offer my help in any way I could.