Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is now the new pope, Pope Francis I

VATICAN CITY (AP) - The new pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (HOHR'-hay MAH'-ree-oh bur-GOHG'-lee-oh), who is 76, has spent nearly his entire career at home in Argentina, overseeing churches and shoe-leather priests.

The archbishop of Buenos Aires reportedly got the second-most votes after Joseph Ratzinger in the 2005 papal election, and he has long specialized in the kind of pastoral work that some say is an essential skill for the next pope.

In a lifetime of teaching and leading priests in Latin America, which has the largest share of the world's Catholics, Bergoglio has shown a keen political sensibility as well as the kind of self-effacing humility that fellow cardinals value highly. Bergoglio is known for modernizing an Argentine church that had been among the most conservative in Latin America.


Although I'm not Catholic, I pray that any and all religions and philosophies extend love and compassion to all beings.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how he can influence the austerity so predominant all over the world, but I agree Petra, let's pray. K.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I admire Pope Francis' simplicity, but unfortunately it won't sway those in power all over the world, in my opinion. He's definitely spoken out, to the elite, but you know those with all the power and money...don't take it away!

Let's hope, K. :))