Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As important as exercising the heart and body, is the brain. Spot the difference puzzles are good fun!

This picture puzzle has 14 differences. Can you spot them all?

This Chef in the Kitchen puzzle has ten.


Anonymous said...

1. Some kind of white spot on ceiling board (Top Middle)
2. Black line on a ceiling board (Top middle)
3. Top Left corner of Mirror Frame has a darker dot
4. Chalkboard Picture is different
5. Wine bottles near chalk board different count
6. Shadow on the white cabinet
7. Red Table (right) missing bowl of ice cream
8. White Table Leg missing connector between left and right post
9. Couch has 2 pillows
10.Red Table (Left) missing a drink
11.Red Table (Left) has an extra leg
12.Wine Bottle missing on shelf (Left Middle)
13.Left Plant in window missing flowers
14.Car missing in Window

1. Fire extinguisher logo missing
2. Shelves in background — 2nd from top is missing a jug
3. Track lighting missing a light
4. Assistant chef missing his black buttons
5. Third line of print missing on plaque in background
6. Red ketchup dispenser in back corner (badly photoshopped) green
7. Pot at left side of screen missing its shadow
8. Pot at back of counter missing a spoon
9. Ramekin missing from counter
10. Head chef is missing his watch

Whew! That was hard.

I have no idea if I'm right Petra. Perhaps if you post the answers.

Well, it woke me up! ;) K. :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Wow, K., you really worked!

I didn't even think about posting the answers. I really should if I can find it again.

I know the number of drinking glasses are different on table and there's a car missing outside
the 2nd window.

I believe you on the Chefs! ;))

I hope you had fun. I have been working on lumosity, and I swear, I always feel more alert after I've done the puzzles. :))

Mama Zen said...

My daughter loves these!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Awwww, MZ! I can only imagine how bright she is.

While I had time to blog much more often some years back, I remember the stories you'd share. I seemed to have gotten to know her so well. I'll have to start all over again now that she's several years older. At that age, it may just as well be decades later -- they grow so fast! :))

Tipper said...

LOL I love these sorts of puzzles but can never find them all : ) And then when I see the answer I think How did I miss that LOL!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Tipper!

LOL I know exactly what you mean! :))