Saturday, January 3, 2015

Travels of One's Spirit

As I was updating my LinkedIn profile, I observed and reflected upon how one's spirit travels from the time it's born.  Where has mine been before March 1, 1951, and where is it going?  There are moments, while seemingly terrifying in the face of the unknown, can be quite the spiritual ride ala my nearly 64 years in this lifetime.  Sounds more fun than letting the mystery be.  Yet, in the end, all we're left with is the mystery, after all, aren't we?


24/7 Caregiver
– Present (8 years)

My mother, afflicted with Alzheimer's, passed in January 2013. My father, at age 87, has vascular dementia in addition to other ailments.


– Present (9 years)

Currently writing a book of short stories.

My e-book, Whose Role Is It Anyway?, a collection of mini-scripts, is available on Amazon.
My Schism with Ism, a personal essay, copyright 2011
Ave Maria, a novel, copyright 2005
Fabricette's Fabrications, a young adult's book, copyright 1999


– Present (10 years)

The Aclinic Line, a Science-Fiction, copyright 2000
The Writer, a Psychological Thriller, copyright 2002
Four for the Company, a Romantic Comedy, copyright 2004
Two Lives, One Love, a Love Story, copyright 2009

Student (evenings)
The New School

(10 years)
Manhattan, New York
Prepared for writing career, primarily as a screenwriter.

Sole Proprietor

Community Employment Agency

(1 year)
Margaretville, New York
Fully operated agency serving community's employment opportunities.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Lived 1985 (1 year)

Sole Proprietor

Sweetkins Childrenswear

(2 years)
Staten Island, New York
Fully operated the sale of childrens' wear.

Manager/Personal Assistant

Computoll Telecommunications

(2 years)
Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York
Manager and personal assistant to President, A. Cohen, and Vice President, W. Schwartz.
Manager/Personal Assistant
Hemming and Gilman Inc.

(2 years)
Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York
Manager and personal assistant to President, S. Hemming and Vice President, K. Gilman.


Associated Merchandising Corporation (AMC)
(2 years)1440 Broadway, Manhattan, New York
Personal assistant to Director of Finance who oversaw AMC's Policies and Procedures and who directly reported to Controller.


Mt. Sinai Hospital
(2 years)
Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York
Applied for grants from National Institutes of Health for cancer research in Dept of Oncology and oversaw dept's administratve needs.

Administrator to Director, Personnel Dept.

Midland Insurance

(1 year)
Water Street, Manhattan, New York

Translated maritime reports from German to English and vice versa.
Responsible for Personnel Dept's administrative needs.


Top Skills
Children's Books

also knows about...
  • Advertising  
  • Financial Planning 
  • Grant Preparation  
  • Grant Coordination  
  • Grant Monitoring 
  • Managerial Finance 
  • Ownership  
  • Personal Finance  
  • Policies & Procedures  
  • Sales  


Drake College of Business
Jersey City, NJ

1972-1973 (evenings)

Douglass College, Rutgers University
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies



Elmshorn, Germany



Also Sprach Zarathustra, Opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey

Celestial Soda Pop, Ray Lynch

Gustav Holst, Venus -- The Bringer of Peace, The Planets

Mysteries, Beth Gibbons


Anonymous said...

Quite the food for thought Petra!

So interesting to see how your life has unfolded since birth, and yet there's so much more. I'm thinking of my own now. ;)

Thanks for sharing and delving.

K. :)

Ron said...

WOW, that is SOME life resume, Petra! What an interesting read! I didn't realize you spent so much time living in Manhattan!? I was only there for five years. And yet, it's still my favorite city on the east coast. OMG...I LOVE that city with all my heart!

" Yet, in the end, all we're left with is the mystery, after all, aren't we?"

Amen! And I have to agree with you, while the seemingly terrifying moments in the face of the unknown can be VERY scary, they can also be quite the spiritual ride. And a ride in which we learn some of the most powerful lessons.

Wonderful post, my friend! Love the video clips too. "Celestial Soda Pop, Ray Lynch" - I used to own one of his CD's which contained that song.

Have a super weekend!!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi, K.!

To me, as I'm venturing into the third act of my life, I'm not at all afraid, but excited and curious. I've lived (not like a celebrity or rock star), but in a way that's been challenging and rewarding.

Looking back at your life, must give you the same feeling of satisfaction, K. :))

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I know, Ron! My ex and his family were Manhattanites; thus, spent most of my life in Manhattan, literally. We should have lived in Manhattan, considering, but wanted that home in the burbs.

Now, would I love to live in Manhattan!

Isn't Ray Lynch brilliant? New Age music first appeared on the radio around the mid-80's for like an hour on a Friday night. While I was recovering from my car accident, I know that it helped in my recovery~