Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday is for Poetry: I DIG, THE NOW, PENUMBRA


I dig
Way deep.
Way way deep
within me.
For hours, months, even years
in search where all is still, peaceful.

He does something.
She says something.
Something happens.
And the many selves of myself dug up
cave in and bury my resting place.

I dig. Again.
**petra michelle, 1/4/2009**
A crystal ball,
Not at all.

There is no future.
Only plans made.
All an illusion.
All dreams.

Now, just be.
Now, just breathe.
Now, flow with each moment
Which promises all that will be.
**petra michelle, 8/17/2008**

External implosion.
Internal explosion.
Dancing in a ballet of ionic mime!
Feeling with infinite intensity!

Running in cosmic direction!
Moving in colors uncharted!
Magnetic pulls play between cerebral spheres!

Looking out at the eclipse of myself.
Looking in at the freedom of me.

**petra michelle, 7/13/2008**

Dig, Incubus

Right Here, Right Now, Jesus Jones

This Penumbra, Digital Squirrel (Electronic)


Anonymous said...

Of the three, I don't know which is my favorite. They're ALL you!
I Dig
We're all just perpetually digging, aren't we?
The Now
So hard for us to learn to just be, isn't it?
I just love its energy. I think it's so beautiful. And probably my favorite poem of introspection and feeling alive.

You should really collect your poems.

Love, K. :)

Ron said...

Petra, each of these poems are so insightful and inspiring! You absolutely nailed what we as human and spiritual beings, often search for, struggle with, and then eventually come to realize. And I like how each one of these pieces are interconnected.

I loved them all, but I think the second one touched me the most because it's a continual lesson for me, personally.

To live in the NOW.

Thanks so much for sharing these, my friend. How gifted you are with words!


P.S. I enjoyed the video clips as well!