Saturday, June 14, 2008

POETRY IS FOR SUNDAY: Hope, Weekend Comes, Wise Owl Type, Just Out of Prison


Cruel is pain.
Is it ever kind?
Nor wanes
whilst fuels the mind.

Full of anger, remiss.
Remind the harbored fury,

Show no mercy
for the slack,
for the controversy.

Love's rays, held in abeyance,
bedecked in tears,
eventually penetrate,
displace fears.

So hark, take heart.
Capture love's rays.
There's hope.


Sweet are the sheets
My lover and I share
With no cares,
But the melting moments
of dissolution.
Gasps of joy, Ka-chapati,
Dithers and strums.
Weekend comes.


The wise owl type
Sat at her typewriter
Sat at her typewriter all day.

All day, all day,
She sat at her typewriter
Wondering what to say.

What to write
What to write
Whatever shall I write?

She thought and thought
All day she thought
And to her fright, all night.

That night she typed.
All night she typed.
Til she could type no more.

No more, no more
She could type no more.
Then came to an abrupt halt.

Suddenly, it came to her what to say
Typing her wisdom away.


On my way home one night
I heard a weak sigh,
Coming from a young man
On the street's side.

Emaciated and frail
He whispered,
Your kind face...
He appeared to faint,
Staring at nowhere.

Just out of prison.
Really, for some small reason.
Got no friends, got no home.
I feel so alone.
Living, in a living hell.

I studied his contortions,
There were no distortions.
I helped him up,
His dead weight prominent.

How we got to my place
was truly a miracle.
I got him undressed,
Helped him to bed,
A weak smile, he managed.

Between coughs and trembles
he forced his story.
In prison for some small reason.
Got no friends, got no home.
Dying, in a living hell.

Not another hour passed,
He fell asleep.
Near his side, I kept watch.
He stopped breathing.
His eyes remained closed.

Just out of prison,
For some small reason.
Had no friends, had no home.
Dead, no longer in a living hell.

**Written by petra michelle*


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, I especially liked "Weekend Comes".

I hope you are alright with me linking you on my blog. I find that if I don't have a link on my sidebar, I often forget to visit a certain site.

Jules said...

Hey Petra! Just stopped by to say hi. Lovely job with the poetry.......... and the sidebar.
So what are you thinking of adding next?