Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday is for Poetry: The Ocean, Unrequited, The Power of Ism, A Drop of Water


Waves slam the beach
forging, rearranging the shoreline.

They recede, I feel their pull
from New Jersey to Greece.


Through his songs
My love for him grew;
His presence only on vinyl.

Closest I came
One section away,
Our glances locked;
Never before did I feel eternity.


Human -- Humanism
Exist -- Existentialism
Fundamental -- Fundamentalism
Aesthetic -- Aestheticism
Plagiary -- Plagiarism
Erotic -- Eroticism
Nude -- Nudism
Hipster -- Hipsterism
Active -- Activism
Passive -- Pacifism
Militant -- Militantism
Racist -- Racism
Pragmatic -- Pragmaticism
Capital -- Capitalism
Global -- Globalism
Narcissist -- Narcissism
Yogi -- Yogism
Petra -- Petraism
Conservative -- Conservatism
Liberal -- Liberalism
Cynical -- Cynicism
Terror -- Terrorism
Absurd -- Absurdism
Altruistic -- Altruism
Humanitarian -- Humanitarianism

Thanking for remembering
George Carlin's Frisbeetarianism-The belief that when you
die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.


Can you see?
No beginning;
No end;
And everything between.

**written by petra michelle*


CRIS said...

Oh,my god, this is the same photo i have in my computer,I love de Ocean.You have a very, very interesting blog, congratulations.

Sandy Kessler said...

most inviting sandy

Janet said...

Hi Petra, thanks for writing on my blog comments about screenwriting. You are so right about never giving up. It's hard work but a passion. I love your photos and poetry. Let's keep in touch. Enjoy your 4th of July.

CRIS said...

Hi Petra, I have included a translator en the sidebar on my blog but the translation is only aproximative, like spanglish but It's better than nothing.

Dina said...

The clouds, sea, and sky drew me in; then there was no turning back, scrolling down and taking in your poetry and your story.

Anonymous said...

"..and everything between"

love that line.

Sandy Kessler said...

who was your vinyl lover ??

Anonymous said...

Hi Petra,
Thanks for your comment on my poem "Steal This Poem." I like your story/poem "Haste makes Waste," and the poem "The Weekend Comes." Very Fine.
I'm new to this whole blog universe, so not sure if this is the right way to respond to your post.