Sunday, October 5, 2008


Don't expose the pain.

Broken dreams take flight

In search of new domain.

Through settling smoke

Shadows loom,

Dancing, gloating

Mocking our doom.

Passionate golden rings

Snuffed by scarred frightened fingers

Promised a lifetime of desire

To two wanton strangers.

**written by petra michelle**


Cynthia said...

Very strong and very sad. It does seem as if the golden rings are
mocking, what a marriage has become.

i beati said...

I feel this pain let me say that - too many times but i always slowly vous??

Mama Zen said...

It is sad, but beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

So true! This was really great. I love the way you match the music so well.

john.g. said...

Very good!

White Rose said...

This is such a powerful line "Snuffed by scarred frightened fingers" enjoyed this very much.

I will get over to your other page soon. It sounds like fun! Things are a bit hectic right now. And not able to be on line as much.

Anonymous said...

A tale wonderfully told between the lines.

I was reminded of Joan Baez' lines - "Just tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other from a lifetime of cares."

tipper said...

Unfortunately this sounds like the mantra for to many of todays marriages. Very powerful Petra!

LarryG said...

powerfully said...

Blog Stalker said...

Great poem but as others have stated. Sad, and a touch depressing. But I suppose those are true enough emotions for some who have experienced a bitter divorce.