Thursday, April 9, 2009

Does Anyone Twitter?

I've been thinking about "twittering". But I thought I would ask my fellow ubertech bloggers what their experiences have been like.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1) Why twitter? What is its purpose?

2) How does one start?

3) Any hidden costs?

4) Vulnerable to viruses, hackers, etc.?

5) Is it user friendly?

Any other comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm just beginning my research, and before attempting, thought your testimonials would be extremely helpful in making up my mind.

Thank you, fellow bloggers! Petra :))


webberpa said...

Not me, I am spread out enough, I have too much going on as it is, and I dont even know what the point of "twittering" is. Besides, if one twitters, doesnt that make one a twit?

Janeen said...

Nope I don't Twitter as I can barely keep up with reading all my favorite blogs (PETRA MICHELLE!) as it is. I've actually been staying away from the computer in the evenings and I'm already feeling better about being disconnected to it.

Happy Easter blessings my beautiful friend!

Tipper said...

Petra-I'm curious too-hope you get lots of info so I can read it too!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Webber: My goal in life! ;) Thank you for your genuine feelings about it. I'm taking all of this into consideration!

Janeen: I truly understand what you mean! Blessings to you and your family! xo

Tipper: As soon as I've got some real, concrete information, will definitely let you know!

i beati said...

I do enough to do it well. I thinkit's great but I still telephone, mail, email, blog It adds up that time and those ar3e my preferences. I dropped out of facebook as well. Prefer the diversity in

Tammy said...

I still haven't found the purpose of Twitter, but it's free and a lot of people seem to be doing it.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Sandy: I wholeheartedly agree. That's why the conflict, because like anything else, twittering will take time. But if it can in any way market my screenwriting, it may be worth it. Still considering the pros and cons. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :))

Tammy: I know! I just saw this banter between Ashton Kutcher and Larry King on CNN. They're having a competition on who can get the most followers which isn't what I'm looking for. These guys have ego issues! ;)

bulletholes said...

Nah, not for me...i don't wqnt to live every moment of anybodies lfe, or them mine.