Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going Green at Google


Google's green employee programs are designed to reduce its corporate carbon footprint, and help its employees stay green too.

Bikes on Campus

At Google's Mountain View headquarters, shared bicycles are scattered among its buildings for employees to use for short trips around campus, reducing the need for employee car trips during the work day.

Biodiesel Shuttles

Google offers an extensive shuttle service that brings more than 1,500 employees to work from around the Bay Area every day. These shuttles are fueled by B20 biodiesel.


Waste from its Mountain View, CA cafes is separated and the organic component is composted. As a result, it has reduced waste sent to landfills, reduced greenhouse gases, and recycled nutrients leading to improved soil quality without chemicals. In addition, it has reduced the overall number of disposable items in its micro-kitchens and cafés. Any disposable plateware and cutlery they continue to use in the cafés is now compostable. I suggest bringing one's own nonplastic plateware and cutlery to work.


This Mountain View program is designed to support alternative commuting through a car-sharing program that is free to Google employees. Within this fleet, it has eight plug-in hybrid vehicles which are parked under a solar panel carport at Google's headquarters.

Green Design Elements

The buildings at its main campus in Mountain View use sustainable building materials that are environmentally friendly and healthier for employees, such as "cradle-to-cradle" certified products designed to never end up in landfills, fresh air ventilation, daylighting, and PVC- and formaldehyde-free materials whenever possible.

Locally-grown Food

Google chefs are committed to using as many local, organic, sustainable ingredients as possible. Café 150, for example, sources ingredients for everything on the menu from within 150 miles. It also has a seasonal farmers market in Mountain View and an organic garden in the main courtyard.

Residential Solar Program

Google has partnered with several residential solar companies to offer discounts to employees who want to go solar at home.

Self-Powered Commuter Program

Employees who bike, walk, pogo-stick, unicycle, or otherwise self-power to work can earn points that translate into a donation from Google to a charity of their choice.

Google's green thumb sets a wonderful example for other corporations!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. What will it take for everyone to go in the green direction? K.

i beati said...

bring it on my brothers and sisters I'm currently looking for a solar grant program..

Watche d Little Man , Passengers and a single Man - all and different

Mama Zen said...

I love the idea of shared bikes on campus!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi K.! If this spill in the Gulf doesn't, NOTHING will! :((

Hi Sandy! That would be wonderful! Good luck!

I just watched A Single Man and loved it! Just added Passengers to my queue. Looks good. Thank you for the suggestion, Sandy! :))

Hi MZ! Isn't it great? All of what they're doing is exemplary! :))