Monday, November 1, 2010

In honor of November 1st, and assist on a manic Monday. ;)

The lucky flower for Scorpio is the chrysanthemum, which counts the chamomile, the tansy, the marguerite and the common daisy among its relatives.
This flower has been known since before 500 B.C. in a small yellow form. It was named by Carl Linnaeus, derived from the Greek krus anthemom, which means "gold flower." The chrysanthemum originated in Japan and China, the latter...considering it to be the highest of all flowers...naming their royal throne in its honor. Indeed, this flower has been the focus of Oriental adulation for centuries. Believed to be one of the four Chinese "noble plants," the chrysanthemum was once the official badge of that country's army and since it was deemed to be the flower of the nobility, was prohibited from being grown in the garden of lower class individuals. According to Chinese tradition, a chrysanthemum given to one's beloved, after being used to wipe one's mouth after drinking wine, will ensure undyling love and fidelity. In Japan, where the chrysanthemum is known as kikus, it is that country's national flower and featured on the imperial coat of arms. It even has a special day in its honor...Chongyang, which is celebrated on September 9 every year.
In addition, the chrysanthemum was so loved by Japanese emperors that they had it carved upon their thrones...and the greatest honor for a Japanese citizen is to obtain the Order of the Chrysanthemum. This flower is still held to be symbolic of the Sun and the orderly unfolding of its petals considered to be indicative of perfection. In Japanese culture, it is also believed that a single chrysanthemum petal placed in the bottom of a wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life. Also know as the Flower of Happiness, Flower of the East and Flower of Life, the chrysanthemum may be found in a range of shapes and sizes and is available all year round. The blooms appear in every conceivable color, including bronze, lime green and brick red. The one exception to this is chrysanthemums are artificially dyed for special events.
Chrysanthemums are native to Europe, Asia and North America and formerly known in England as the corn marigold.

Can you believe there's sixty days left to 2010!? Note to self. Stay in the moment! :))


Anonymous said...

Just what I needed today Petra. Rays of sunshine. :)

Anonymous said...

Sixty days left? Where did this year go?

p.s. That's me above too. K.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi, K.! Yesterday was dank and dreary! Couldn't help but think of flowers to cheer it up!

Trying to squeeze everything I can of each moment of this year! ;)

Have a wonderful week! :))

jay said...

Well, that was interesting! Many new facts about chrysanthemums - a lovely, lovely autumn flower!

I'm not so fond of the huge, show-type blossoms, but the multi-headed ones are gorgeous, and so long-lasting. I had no idea they had a special day named after them, but I think they deserve it!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi, Jay! Am happy you're back!

Love soothing chamomile and cheerful daisies. And you're so right; the mums' history is fascinating!

So great to see you! Hope you're feeling better! :))