Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stress and Meditation

Stress -- that out-of-control, reeling, and overwhelming feeling we've all dealt with can be debilitating and exhausting. Friends have asked how I cope with the stresses in my life. Among countless outlets, dancing, music, yoga, and meditating are extremely helpful to me. Meditation helps rid the clutter of thoughts and offers balance and peace of mind. A cd I cannot live without is Deepak Chopra's The Soul of Healing Meditations. It's a gem!
The following is a breakdown of its contents:
1. Breathing Meditation
2. Heart Meditation
3. Body Awareness
4. Heart Sutra Meditation
5. Envoking The Gods of Healing
6. Inviting the Spirit of Healing
7. Banishing Disease
8. Ode of Solomon
In closing, I'd like to quote Deepak: "Between a grievance and a miracle, choose the miracle." What has one got to lose? And remember to stop to breathe! :))


Anonymous said...

You would think with my frenetic schedule, I'd realize by now that by taking out the time, meditating will help reduce the stress. What comes first -- lack of time? LOL K.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi K.! I know what you mean! But you'll find you're more productive and less stressed, the more you meditate since you're mind becomes free from that interminable hamster ride! ;)