Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Bliss is when every atom of your body is buzzing"... George Harrison

How often does one feel bliss?  Not happiness, not joy, feelings in themselves not to be underestimated, but bliss.  I'd say not too often.  I believe I can speak not only for myself, but most...unless, perhaps, one is the Dalai Lama or a highly evolved individual, consciously and spiritually. 

However, when I've felt bliss, it's been through music.  The following ALWAYS makes every atom of my body dance or "buzz..."

The Balalaika

The Bouzouki

The Mandolin

The Singing Bowls of Tibet

The Spanish Guitar

Over the holiday, I've been introduced to the Bouzouki to Ellhnikon: 

currently listening, and every atom of my body is still dancing...

George's all within...the whole of creation is perfect...
we are made of that perfect knowledge and perfect consciousness...
but we have to tap into that within and turn off your mind, relax,
and float downstream...