Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grant Snider - A Comic in Motion

p.s. My brother, Jerry, who is recovering from a back injury just sent this; his interpretation of my injured kitty, get well card possibly rendered by Grant as melancholy baby...by Picasso, a self-portrait...by Van Gogh as bored out of my mind...I see it as beautiful!

Our love and prayers, Jerry!

Grant Snider is the creator of Incidental Comics and the works below.  He has a sardonic appreciation for the writing process, the arts, life.

His works can be found in numerous publications including the New York Times.  He's known worldwide, and his fans are clamoring for a book of his works.  For now, each piece of art is available as a poster for $15.00 US dollars. What a wonderful gift!

If your muse is looking for inspiration, or just wishing to be entertained, she/he can visit his website, Incidental Comics, at http://www.incidentalcomics.com/.  Enjoy a glimpse of Grant Snider's world!

My favorite -- layer upon layer of writing wisdom/frustration

What writer cannot identify?
Who hasn't experienced any of the above at least once, if not all of the time?

Have actually done this...
My second favorite
Where's the muse?

The Wrote & The Writ, Johnny Flynn

Lyrics to The Wrote & The Writ

They're taking pictures of the man from God
I hope his cassock's clean
The burden of being our holy fellows
Your halo better gleam, better gleam
Oh to all those wayward priests
The ones who like to drink
Do you suppose they'd swap their blood for wine
Like you swapped yours for ink, for ink
You wrote me oh so many letters
And all of them seemed true
Promises look good on paper
Especially from you, from you
The weight of all those willing words
I carried all alone
You wouldn't put your pen to bed
When we hadn't found our own, our own
Your sentences rose high at night
And circled round my head
The circle's since been broken
Like the priest before me is breaking bread
I'm being asked to drink the blood of Christ
And soon I'll eat his flesh
I'm alone again before the altar
Sheddin' all my old regrets
The last of which I'll tell you now
As it flies down the sink
I never knew a part of you
You didn't set in ink, in ink
The letters that you left behind
No longer shall I read
Blood's between the pages
And I can't stand to see you bleed
I'll soon forget what was never there
Your words are ash and dust
All that's left is the song I've sung
The breath I've taken and the one I must
If you're born with a love for the wrote and the writ
People of letters your warning stands clear
Pay heed to your heart and not to your wit
Don't say in a letter what you can't in my ear


Anonymous said...

Just came back from visiting his site. He's absolutely wonderful!

Will definitely consider his works as possible Christmas presents.

I've got many who would appreciate them.

K. :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Isn't he great,K.?! David had given it to me after finding it in the Times the other day. I hadn't heard of him until then. Now, I'm obsessed. :))

Ron said...

I totally agree with you, Petra, I see your brother's card as BEAUTIFUL.

And I can't thank you enough for sharing the talent of Grant Snider. I went over to his website and checked out more of his work....BRILLIANT!

I love both his wit and illustrations. Wow...what a gifted unique artist! I see that he was featured in the Times. Brava to him! And I have a feeling his work will get the exposure it deserves from that.

Enjoyed the video too!

Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Isn't he incredible, Ron?! It was love at first sight...he really gets it, and has such a talent in his ability to express it not only in words but in a comic?

I truly hope there will be a collection of his works in a book.

And thank you, Ron, for your lovely comment regarding my brother...he'll get such a kick it when I mention how much you appreciated his sketch.

And to you too, Ron! :))