Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday is for Poetry: FOR PEACE

For peace,

should we,

the citizens of the world,

demand our Heads of State,


How do Buddhists treat other people?

If a Buddhist follows the Eightfold Path he practices these interactions with his fellow humans:

1. Right Understanding - tries to understand people, not getting angry with them

2. Right Thought - thinks kindly towards everyone

3. Right Speech - talks politely without anger or hatred

4. Right Action - treats people honestly and with courtesy

5. Right Livelihood - works to better society

6. Right Effort - doesn't waste time on pettiness

7. Right Mindfulness - focuses on the positive aspects of the world

8. Right Concentration - doesn't spend time on hatred or readdressing wrong 

 Also practices:

Equanimity: Holding all things in an ease filled with balance
Loving kindness: The spontaneous reaction to all beings
Compassion: A reaction to the pain of others
Sympathetic Joy: Shares delight of the good fortune of others when he becomes aware of it


Sound Meditation, Singing Bowls of Tibet, Benjamin Iobst

Life Itself, George Harrison


Ron said...

Oh Petra...I LOVED this post! Especially the Eightfold Path because those are things I continually have to be reminded of and be more consciously aware.

Have you ever read any of the books written by Pema Chodron? I read her book, "The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times" when I first moved back to Philadelphia and was going through some very challenging and fearful times. Her words helped me tremendously.

Loved the video clip you shared on the Singing Bowls of Tibet. I used to have a CD of singing bowls that I used when I meditated and also when I shared a Reiki session. The sound of the bowls allows for such a deep and profound experience because of their vibrations.

Thank you for sharing this today and have a beautiful Sunday, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Something must be done. The world's gone crazy.

I agree with your sentiment Petra!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Ron!

Thanks for your suggestion. I haven't read anything by her. Will definitely look for the book.
Sounds very interesting.

Yes, I own it, and it's the most relaxing of anything I've ever heard. Usually, it's on in the b/g but the vibrations of the bowls actually penetrate the body and offers the deepest calm, sometimes even euphoria.

And to you as well, Ron! :))

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Doesn't it seem that way, K.?! I mean life isn't perfect by any means, but those who are steering
our boats need all