Saturday, April 11, 2015

Michael Flatley got it right in "Feet of Flames..."

"Every person has many selves," Buddhist saying.  By showing the following scenes from Michael Flatley's epic production "Feet of Flames," seems to me, he understood this concept.

From Good to Evil and every state in between, virtuous woman to vixen, from alpha male to a sensitive one, his storytelling reveals each of us capable to experience/identify with each of these states.
Here goes:


Woman in Love,

A Vixen,

Virtuous vs. Vixen,

Virtuous can be vixen,

Truly, mirror images of each other



Alpha Male

Sensitive Male

Good vs. Evil


Hope you've enjoyed being all characters in "Feet of Flames."


Anonymous said...

Have seen "Feet of Flames" often, but have never seen it related to the Zen proverb. Really enjoyed Petra!

You're right, we're sometimes virtuous, sometimes the vixen. Good and bad in all of us, isn't there?

Fun Petra! Ty

Love, K. :)

Ron said...

"Hope you've enjoyed being all characters in "Feet of Flames."

WOW! Yes I did, Petra! Faaaaaaaabulous!

Michael Flatley is an amazing choreographer and dancer! The alpha male video was mind-blowing! And I also loved the dueling violins!

You're right, every person has many selves - the light and dark, the yin and yang.

Thanks so much for putting this post together, my friend. Enjoyed it!

Happy Sunday!