Saturday, April 4, 2015



The love Norman Rockwell captures as a couple grows old together is absolutely stunning.
Silliness and playfulness are so important --

to embrace one another's idiosyncracies and foibles -- eternal youth? 


Norman Rockwell's April Fool
How many silly things can you find?
And where are the words, April Fool?
Hint:  How do we know it's April 1st without keeping up with time?

Poor Little Fool, Ricky Nelson

Everybody Loves A Clown, Gary Lewis & The Playboys

The Tears of a Clown, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Chain of Fools, Aretha Franklin


Anonymous said...

Love this Petra!

Norman Rockwell must have had a great time painting this fun piece. Didn't he paint several for April Fools?
His opportunity to let loose! ;)

Happy April Fools'Day Petra! :)

Ron said...

Petra, I absolutely ADORE the Norman Rockwell painting you shared! And...OMG...I can spot a TON silly things and they're so clever! I love the raccoon sitting on her lap and the hamster face on the fire place mantel! And thanks for giving us a hint on the "April Fool" (on the clock face) because it was a bit challenging to find on my own.

Loved all the video clips you shared too! And hey, I had no idea that Gary Lewis & The Playboys was JERRY Lewis's son!?! However, I DO remember that song!

And don't ya just love Aretha Franklin?

Hope you had super-duper April Fool's Day, dear friend! Which reminds me, today was my grandmother's birthday!


Ron said...

Petra, I noticed that you added an Easter theme to this post and it's LOVELY!

Have a HAPPY EASTER, dear friend!

((((((( You ))))))