Sunday, August 2, 2015


trap doors are set at every step

watch every move
encourage every fall

as one path ends
another begins

trap doors are set again,
by me.
**written by petra michelle, 3/8/09**
As the waves break,
I watch driftwood of memories
float away, then return,

 The sea inside
captures them in nets
to decide

which to let go,
which to cling.


**written by petra michelle, 2/8/09**

There are two sides to every story;
the yin, the yang,
the light, the dark,
yours, mine.
Caught in the middle?
What to do?
Flip a coin?
Act noncommittal?
Best of all nonjudgmental?

Please judge lightly.
The sentence can last a lifetime.
**written by petra michelle, 2/1/09**


Trap Doors, Broken Bells

Driftwood, Cody Simpson

Mea Culpa, Enigma

The Rivers of Belief, Enigma

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my vacation is here and gone. Thank you for asking Petra. It was too short. Could have used at least another week. Luckily, we had great weather.

We do set up our own traps, don't we? My fave is Driftwood. Memories are beautiful but some can be more like chains, reminding us we can't go back or things just aren't what they seemed.

Love Enigma!

Hope all is well Petra! Think of you and your father often! Stay well.

Love, K. :)