Saturday, August 29, 2015

The New York artist, SACHA, and his use of Circulism; a style of painting he invented

Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful artist by the name of SACHA. Working in oils and using muted rustic tones, SACHA’s paintings are at once contemporary and reaching back to the Spanish classical painting tradition. This is the painting which drew me in:

The Seated Gipsy
Have always enjoyed South America's writers' use of Magical Realisim.  In my opinion, if it were translated into art, this is what it would look like. And, it was love of his paintings, at first sight.
He has found a way to mix paints by making circles, scratching the surface of the canvas and bringing out the whiteness of the canvas with a simple toothpick. These circles of movement are brought out in a new technique he calls Circulism. Up close one can see and feel the texture of the tiny and large circles. One can also see how with one color can create shades by just applying more or less circles. 

Details of the face of The Seated Gipsy
(in the original the circles are evident, in this copy not so much)
With Circulism, SACHA has used paints on all types of surfaces such as canvas, wood, cardboard, paper, and glass.

Three Women
Three Women is my favorite. Am seriously considering getting a print of his original which btw are available for most of his works at

Lovers with Fetus
Lovers with Fetus offers an other-worldiness. I immediately thought of David Bowie's character, alien Thomas Newton and his family in the film The Man who Fell to Earth.

La Menina
A native of Queens, New York, SACHA had his first show at age 17. His paintings have been exhibited widely in New York and around Spain as he is of Spanish descent, evident in the above painting La Menina.

Woman in Red Chair with Grey Fan

Another beautiful painting evident of his Spanish influence.

If interested in the multitude styles of SACHA's works, please visit,

You're in for a visual treat!


Gravity of Love, Enigma

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Anonymous said...

His works are so interesting Petra. He has quite a collection of abstracts, too. Well if he's had a show at the age of 17, I can only imagine the collection.

I can see the circles in the face of the Gypsy. So cool. Really enjoyed his work. And I can't believe how relatively inexpensive the prints are.

Thank you for sharing Petra.

K. :)