Saturday, February 1, 2014

A pair of my sixties jeans dedicated to love, peace, music, and the Olympics

I never could part with these jeans I wore in college.  They're as precious to me as my college ring.

Can't believe I was equivalent to a size 2! Before the upcoming summer Olympics in Munich in 1972, I began embroidering my wide-legged denims which I had, over time, cut and embroidered into a slim fit jean.

Adored Bob Dylan in high school to the present.  The kiss, smile represents love.  The G-clef, bars, and notes depict my love of music. 
My love for the guitar, especially Spanish.

My love for the Olympics, esp. swimming and diving, in fact, all the water sports. Perhaps it's the Pisces in me.  The rings aren't complete for the obvious reason. To quote Leonard Cohen, "...the dove, she will be caught again..."
 Nonetheless, it was my father who passed on the torch of the Olympics to me and my siblings. 

An incomplete peace sign reflecting world disharmony. Times have not changed much since the Vietnam War, have they?  "How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?" Blowing in the Wind, Bob Dylan

Mr. Tambourine Man, Bob Dylan

Blowing in the Wind, Joan Baez (Bob Dylan song)

Norwegian Wood, The Beatles

Send Me No Wine, The Moody Blues

Lay Lady Lay, Bob Dylan

Across the Universe, The Beatles

Green Tambourine, The Lemon Pipers

Crimson and Clover, Tommy Janes and the Shondells

Bell Bottom Blues, Derek and the Dominos

Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In, The Fifth Dimension

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Anonymous said...

How great Petra! Love your jeans! And what you expressed with embroidery. Size 2? I never was a size 2!

I bet you wore them well! K. :)