Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Power of a Beautiful Melody, Tony Carey
When I heard the song, I Won't Be Home Tonight, my marriage was nearing its end. It was 1982, and I felt exactly like the song in my soul in that moment, though faithful to the end.

But, what was the name of that song?  Who was the singer?  It was Tony Carey on his album, I Won't Be Home Tonight, an album I'd play for the duration of that year and to this day.

What I'd rediscovered was the power of a beautiful melody.  It was before the internet, and no searching for lyrics.  One listened over and over and learned.

I'm speaking, specifically, about Carry My Love.  One would never think at first listening it's about a jailed dealer's relationship with his lover due to its lovely Celtic melody.  For anyone with the love of Celtic music, what a hook, considering the subject matter.

Carry My Love, Tony Carey

MTV was launched in 1981 and rocked our television sets.  In 1983 a video to the song Why Me? was often played.  And the was so familiar...Tony Carey-familiar under his pseudonym, Planet P Project.

Why Me?, Tony Carey under pseudonym, Planet P Project

A Boy Who Can't Talk, Planet P Project

With his well over 1,000 penned songs, below are just several.

I Won't Be Home Tonight, Tony Carey

The Cold North Wind, Tony Carey

No Man's Land, Tony Carey with Eric Burdon and Anne Haigis

Blue Highway, Tony Carey

A Fine, Fine Day, Tony Carey


And, with the band, Rainbow,

Can't Let You Go, Rainbow, Tony Carey (keyboards)