Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Spring!
ALL ONE TRIBE  is a melodic, spiritual rendering by Scott Fitzgerald joined by percussionist, M.B. Gordy.  It's a global journey from North to South America, the Caribbean, Australia, the Middle East and China for a modern interpretation of ancient tribal cultures.

These are just samplings found on youtube.  I purchased the cassette in 1993 and, since, have been an avid Scott Fitzgerald fan. 

The full list is: Side A  1. Dawn Dance 2. Secret Life 3. My Island 4. Beyond the Wall 5. Eyes of ; Side B 1. Wakan Tanka 2. The Passion 3. Original Memory 4. Aire Columbia 5. Great White Shame

Dawn Dance, All One Tribe

Secret Life, All One Tribe

My Island, All One Tribe

Beyond the Wall, All One Tribe

The Passion, All One Tribe

Original Memory, All One Tribe

Great White Shame, All One Tribe

And, spring wouldn't be spring without Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken....

Morning Has Broken, Cat Stevens


Anonymous said...

LOL I see you couldn't wait!

Happy Spring Petra! :)

Hadn't heard of Scott Fitzgerald before. But thoroughly enjoyed!

Oops! I almost typed F. Scott Fitzgerald. :)

Again, Happy Spring! :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Happy Spring, K.!

You're so right, I couldn't wait.
Although we're supposed to be getting more snow soon. That's March for you. Although it's been a brutal winter. Am so ready to put my winter clothes away! ;)

Here's to the blossoms of renewals! :))