Thursday, March 5, 2015

Madrid's Prado Museum Introduces Unique Art Exhibition for the Blind

The Museo Nacional Del Prado (Madrid, Spain) opened its first exhibit for the sight impaired recently which allows people to touch recreated famous classical masterpieces. For the visually impaired, this is one of the first exhibits of its kind to cater to the audience with the intention of allowing all people sighted and non-sighted to experience famous paintings. It also might be one of the first exhibits where "touching the art" is actually encouraged in a fine art museum!

The exhibit, titled "Hoy Toca el Prado" opened January 20th and features famous works such as Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and El Greco's El caballero de la mano en el pecho. However, you wont find any originals in this exhibit, all paintings have been recreated with special textures so that people can now feel how the paintings look. Each painting has been "enhanced" using sophisticated 3D printing techniques to give certain fabrics, skins, hairs and other elements unique and identifiable textures.

No bullet proof glass here. Touch this version of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa all you want! (image courtesy of Museo Nacional Del Prado)
So far, the exhibit has received positive revues with sight impaired patrons excited that the exhibition is catering to them and allowing them to experience art in a new and accessible way. "Hoy Toca el Prado" also features audioguides and texts in braille for its informational materials.

And while the exhibit should appeal to the museum's sighted guests with its own unique merits, the museum is also offering opaque glasses so that everyone can experience the exhibit on a level footing.

The reliefs were created using a special technique called “Didu” that adds volume and texture to 2D art.

I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash

Your Smiling Face, James Taylor


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Petra! There was joy in the man's voice in the video that he was able to enjoy what we all take for granted.

I cannot imagine what it would be like without sight!

Had major snow. I'm taking a break from shoveling. Exhausted. Just want to climb back into bed. LOL

K. :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I can only imagine how much snow you got, K. It's smart to take it slow even if you have to climb back into bed for a bit. Be careful!

We've got another dumping of about 4-5 inches. Can't wait for spring!

Agree, K. I can only imagine what it would be like not to be able to see. When I have to get up in the middle of night it's a challenge, let alone all of the time.

And about the Prado Museum -- I am so happy they've accomplished this service! Truly inspirational!

Stay warm and safe, K.! :))

Ron said...

Petra, you always share the most interesting things on your blog! This is AWESOME! I think it's wonderful that this exhibit has been creating, and hopefully more and more museums will do the same. They say that whatever sense you lose, such as sight, the more acute your other senses become, like touch and hearing.

Thank you so much for sharing this, my friend!

Oh, and I loved the video clips too; especially the one of JC and Your Smiling Face. God, I love that song!

Have a great weekend!