Monday, March 9, 2015

The Solar Impulse 2, a solar powered plane, is set for an historic and epic Round-the-World Flight, today, March 9th

You can hear the Initiator, Chairman and Pilot, Bertrand Piccand's, interview with the BBC here:

And visit:

for a live play by play of this historic and epic solar flight around the world. And while you're there, please join the THE FUTURE IS CLEAN initiative at 

A prompt: "I want concrete actions for a clean future" will reveal a button below that.  Click on "I Agree." You'll be directed for your basic registration information.

What an exciting moment in history! I wish Solar Impulse 2's pilots and team God's speed.

Solar Impulse 1's Flight from San Francisco to New York

Fly Like An Eagle, Steve Miller Band


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'll have to visit the site. TY for sharing Petra.

Wow, this truly is sinking in.


Ron said...

"What an exciting moment in history! I wish Solar Impulse 2's pilots and team God's speed."

Me too, Petra! Wow...that's EXCITING!! And think of what will be saved as far as using fuel. I mean they do it with cars, why not planes too?

Later this week I will visit the site to read more about it.

Thanks for sharing yet, another interesting post topic, my friend!

Have a super week!