Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!
A Few Very Popular and Funny Spring Films

It Happens Every Spring (1949)

A Chemistry professor (Ray Milland) accidentally creates a liquid solution which repels contact with wood. Realizing baseballs dipped into the formula will never touch baseball bats, he's off to St. Louis to pitch in the major leagues. Jean Peters and Paul Douglas co-star in a script by Valentine Davies.

Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979)

"This Monty Python religious parable will probably offend every denomination equally, but it shouldn't," says film critic Leonard Maltin. "Story of a man whose life parallels Christ is the funniest and most sustained feature from Britain's bad boys." You might, however, want to avoid watching it on Easter, especially if there's lightning. The whole Monty Python gang of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, and Eric Idle bring Brian of Nazareth to life.

Easter Parade (1948)

A holiday movie for gentler sensibilities, although Fred Astaire's Easter bonnet festooned in the frilly pink ribbon is a horrifying spectacle and may require your consultation with clergy. This colorful MGM musical, full of easy comedy touches and Irving Berlin tunes, is bookended by Easter parades. In the interim, Judy Garland, Ann Miller, and Fred warble and dance through a 1911 romantic triangle. Humorous songs include "Snooky Ookums" and "A Couple of Swells" (with Fred and Judy as hoboes).

The Producers (1968)

Broadway con men scheme to mount the worst play ever doomed to failure, so they can pocket the unspent production funds. Great plan, but there's one small problem. The tasteless Nazi lovefest, "Springtime for Hitler," may be too good for its own bad. Mel Brooks' first feature film, an Oscar-winner for its original script, is a straight, but twisted, comedy of show business and shysters. Ironically, this movie became one of Broadway's biggest successes. Zero Mostel shines and Gene Wilder blooms.

Feeling Good, Nina Simone

The First Days of Spring, Noah and the Whale

Spring Rain, The Go-Betweens

Spring Affair, Donna Summer


Ron said...

LOVE all the video clips you shared, Petra! Especially, It Happens Every Spring, Easter Parade, Feeling Good!

And speaking of Easter Parade, did you know that Doris Day did a version of Anne Miller's song in that film, Shakin' the Blues Away" in another film called, Love Me or Leave Me?

It's faaaabulous! I had no idea she could dance that well. If you have a few minutes, here's the link, I think you will enjoy it!

Happy Spring, dear friend!

I love that today is the first day of spring and yet it's been snowing non-stop all day here.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring Petra!

Finally! :)

Have a great weekend!


p.s. Love the photo of the proud Native American, btw.