Sunday, September 28, 2008

You'll Be Missed


Sandy Kessler said...

I wrote about him Sat morning -0 noone responded to my query ?Has anyone seen the Helen Morgan Story love romance - sacrifice. He alway sawhis own foibles and those wer the less than perfeect he played. I loved him, audrey, Clint Eastwood and some others sk a lot more depth than today's ??stars??

White Rose said...

I loved him! What a wonderful actor!

The last thing I saw him in was "Empire Falls" on HBO. He stole the show.

And what a decent man. You don't see that much in Hollywood!

john.g. said...

He cetainly will!

Poetikat said...

Hi Petra,

I've been to your Whose Role blog, but never this one before.

Thanks so much for your profuse comments on my last poem. I do appreciate them.

Paul Newman - I've seen quite a lot of his films. I love "The Sting" and "Cool Hand Luke" and "The Verdict". I even saw the film, what was it? "Mr. and Mrs. Bridges"?
I did like "Road to Perdition" as well. He was a fantastic actor and thank heavens for celluloid and dvd so we can go on remembering him. - Oh yes, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - that was another good one.

Sandy Kessler, sorry, I've not seen the Helen Morgan Story, BUT I'll bet my mom has!


Mama Zen said...

Yes, he will.

webberpa said...

He was a class act, an activist that was also a race car driver and actor, not known the other way around. Cool Hand Luke is one of my all time favorite movies, still waiting for that button to pop!

tipper said...

He was a true actor.

bulletholes said...

That man could eat the hell out of hard boiled eggs.